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'Plant Systematics and ecology’ Laboratory

Gábor Matus associate professor
Attila Molnár V. associate professor
Gábor Sramkó research fellow
Krisztina Nótári assistant research fellow

Kaan Hürkan PhD student
Tibor Ljubka PhD student
Viktor Löki PhD student
Attila Takács PhD student

Main research fields:

Taxonomy, molecular phylogenetics, phylogeography, floristics, auto- and distribution ecology of plant taxa of conservational and biogeographical interest. Taxonomic, systematic studies with a main focus on molecular genetics (hybridisation, phylogenetics) of orchids (Orchidaceae), waterworts (Elatine) and other groups with high conservation and/or biogeographical importance.
Factors influencing dynamics of selected grassland habitats of community interest (rocky slope steppes, sandy and alkalic pastures, acidic sandy grasslands as well as hay-making meadows) are amongst the highlights of the Lab. Soil seed banks, cryptogams, the role of conservation management and weather fluctuations are in the focus.
Our Lab operates mainly in the Pannon Ecoregion (Hungary and the surrounding areas), however, our activities often cover other regions in Europe and Asia Minor. The Lab takes the main role in curating and managing the second largest Hungarian vascular plant collection (Soó Herbarium, DE). The peer-reviewed national journal Kitaibelia (Journal of Pannonian Botany) is edited and published by the Lab.

Selected publications:

Sramkó, G. – Molnár, V. A. - Hawkins, J. A. - Bateman, R. B. (in press.): Molecular phylogeny and evolutionary history of the Eurasiatic orchid genus Himantoglossum s.l. (Orchidaceae). – Annals of Botany DOI: 10.1093/aob/mcu179 (IF2013: 3,449)

Takács, A., Schmotzer, A., Jakab, G., Deli, T., Mesterházy, A., Király, G., Lukács, B.A., Balázs, B., Perić, R., Eliaš, P., Sramkó, G., Tökölyi, J. – Molnár V. A. (2013): Key environmental variables affecting the distribution of Elatine hungarica in the Pannonian Basin. – Preslia 85: 193–207. (IF: 2,833)

Molnár V. A. – Tökölyi J. – Végvári Zs. – Sramkó G. – Sulyok J. – Barta Z. (2012): Pollination mode predicts phenological response to climate change in terrestrial orchids: a case study from central Europe. – Journal of Ecology 100: 1141–1152. (IF: 5,431)

Sramkó G. – Óvári M. – Yena A. V. – Sennikov A. N. – Somlyay L. – Bateman R. M. – Molnár V. A. (2012): Unravelling a century of misuse: typification of the name Himantoglossum caprinum (Orchidaceae: Orchideae). – Phytotaxa 66: 21–26. (IF: 1,295)

Valkó, O. – Török, P. – Tóthmérész, B. – Matus, G. (2011) Restoration potential in seed banks of acidic fen and dry-mesophilous meadows: Can restoration be based on local seed banks? Restoration Ecology 19: 9-15. (IF: 1,612)

Matus, G. – Verhagen, R. – Bekker, R.M. – Grootjans, A.P. (2003) Restoration of the Cirsio dissecti-Molinietum in The Netherlands: Can we rely on soil seed banks? Applied Vegetation Science 6: 73-84. (IF: 0,877)